CodeMash 2011

CodeMash is my favorite conference. All mainstream platforms are represented, the food is outstanding and the presentations are great.

The conference consists of 3 days. The first day, called the precompiler, is an additional fee. There are 5 to 7 sessions which are a day or half a day long sessions. The second and third days have sessions that are an hour and 15 minutes in length. For more details on the conference there is an informative website: The attractive feature is the cost. It’s 250 to attend all three days, plus hotel costs and travel costs. I spend roughly 1000 dollars (flight is figured into this amount). Keep in mind that I am traveling in from California.

My tentative schedule while at CodeMash:



Software Craftsmanship – My concern with the Software Craftsmanship track is the tone. In the end delivering software is the ultimate metric. Yes quality, feature sets, maintainablity and cost matter, but delivery trumps all.


Software Craftsmanship – I’ll continue if the morning was enthralling.
FubuMVC – I enjoy Jeremy Miller’s work. I’ve heard that FubuMVC pulls heavily from Rails. Jeremy posted a synopsis
Going Independent – Who does not want to be an independent? The contractor gigs are getting old.


9.45a – 10.45a
Ruby for Static Language Developers or Ruby on Android

11a – 12a
Asymptotics and Algorithms – What You’ve Forgotten since University

1.45p – 2.45p
Every conference has a timeslot with high concentration good sessions. This seems to be one for CodeMash.

The Algorithms Still Count
LINQ Scalability
10 Rules for Software Radicals
C# Puzzlers

3.35p – 4.35p
Functional Programming for Everyday .NET Developers

4.50 – 5.50p
Three’s Company: Writing for the Browser, the Desktop and the Phone
Executable Requirements: Testing in the Language of the Business


9.30a – 10.30a
Venturing Into the Wild: A .Net Developer’s Experience As a Ruby Developers

10.45a – 11.45a
Ditch the Designer: Building a More Maintainable Model with the Entity Framework Code-First API
Get Productive with SQL Server Database Now

1.45p – 2.45p
Mobile Smackdown

3.45p – 4.35p
Going for Speed: Testing for Performance

I might skip the last session.