Random Characters in C#

A coworker devised a clever way of creating a random set of characters:

			string channelExternalId = string.Format("EID{0}", Path.GetRandomFileName());
			string adExternalId = string.Format("EID{0}", Path.GetRandomFileName());
			string commissionableActionExternalId = string.Format("EID{0}", Path.GetRandomFileName());

Programming is Much Like Riding a Bike

One can study the laws of gravity, understand the mechanics of a bicycle and explain in detail how to ride a bike. This information will not teach someone how to ride a bike. To learn how to ride a bike one must ride the bike.

Software programming is much the same. Learning theories, patterns and getting certifications don’t teach someone how to program. It must be learned through experience.

Ditching the Laptop, Moving to the Tablet

I sold my laptop and replaced it with a tablet. The biggest challenge to moving to a tablet is to maintain the ability to code C# on the road.

A text editor is always an option, but that does not solve the compiling problem. Looking around I discovered that most tablets support Bluetooth mice and keyboards. I’ve concluded that there will not be a visual studio android app anytime in the future. This means I have to get into an environment where I can code and compile C#. I have one option: to remote desktop into a machine.

There are a number of remote desktop apps for the android. I settled on the WYSE Pocket Cloud app. It’s a full screen solution that runs over the remote desktop protocol. It works similar to other web based solutions such as logmein. Logmein does have an app, but it’s twice the cost and lacks some of the features of the WYSE PocketCloud app.

My tablet setup looks like this: A Samsung 32gig 10.1 tablet, a Logitech Bluetooth keyboard for the android and a Bluetooth mouse. This gives me the flexibility of a laptop and the benefits of a tablet.