PST file size versus Sql Server file size

I’m a bit of a pack rat — I don’t throw anything away, including emails.

In 1998 I started using Microsoft Outlook. For the time it was a great program. The best feature was the integrated MS Word support as the editor. Now that is common place, but back then it’s was the cats meow.

Over the years I’ve saved my PST files into an archive, it has grown to over 10 gigs. It was time to extract the messages and store them in a more searchable medium. I’ll be posting more on what I’m doing later. To my point, I am blown away with the size difference between the PST file format and the Sql Server.

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Emails: 51574
Attachments: 8637 (yes, I have saved everyone of the attachments to the database)

PST: 8.9 gigs
Sql Server: 368 MB

I don’t know the inner workings of either product. Sql Server is optimized for data storage, Outlook is apparently not. I’m not surprised that SQL Server has a much smaller footprint. I’m surprised by the degree of which SQL Server is smaller.

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  1. Gautam

    Hi Chuck !
    This post was an interesting read !
    However, could you detail a bit more on how you managed to get all the outlook data into SQL Server ?


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