All UTC times are not necessarily the same

A friend pointed out that all UTC Time is not the same. When he told me, I responded with “What!?! What are you talking about? It’s the same.” “No it’s not” he said. He explained, that yes using UTC will allot you an agreed upon time format but that does not guarantee that both server’s clocks are synchronized.

For example, Sever A calls server B for updates. Both Servers use UTC Time. Server A sends over a timestamp, how do we know that the two servers clocks are synchronized and that the two times match, we don’t. The odds are they are not. How can they be? Absolute time does not exist. It’s all relative. By using a timestamp to retrieve data from another server you are making an assumption that both servers have the same time.

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2 Comments All UTC times are not necessarily the same

  1. Ponnuvel

    While its true that the clock skews there, it doesn’t mean they are all different as the title implies. A better title would be ‘All UTC times are not necessarily the same’.

    1. chuck

      Thanks for the suggestion. I disagree. There is no clock that is perfectly synced. While the differences are extremely small, there are still differences.

      I changed the title, I liked your name better :)


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