Understanding the Problem

A recent discussion at work got me thinking…

A bug was reported in one of our products. A co-worker was tasked with finding and fixing the problem. His approach was to deploy new code from development into qa. The reasoning was that many bugs had been fixed since the issue was first reported. We might have already fixed it.

At first blush this makes perfect sense. Why worry about something when it could already be fixed. If we can’t reproduce it, then there is no issue.

But had we really fixed the bug? It reminded me of a phrase from the Pragmatic Programmer, called “Coding by coincidence.”

Had we really fixed the bug? Until we witnessed the bug and tracked down its cause we don’t know. Maybe we had, maybe we hadn’t.

If we could not witness the bug in action and then made a change to the code and then witnessed the bug not occurring we would not know it was fixed. Even if the newly deployed code did not exhibit the symptoms we don’t know if the bug was actually fixed or the symptoms simply suppressed.

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