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8 Must Have Extensions for Brackets.io

Everyone has a favorite editor. We each have reasons for choosing our editor. I’ve tried them all. And I’ve found that Brackets.io best suits me. Unfortunately, there are gaps in the functionality of Brackets.io. With a robust ecosystem of extensions, I’ve found 8 extensions that complete Brackets.io.

Here is a list of my 8 must have extensions.


For anyone working with CSS and HTML Emmet is a must have. I wrote about it earlier this year. It removes all the unnecessary typing from while create HTML and CSS.


It’s officially called “Autosave Files on Window Blur”. This extension saves all the changes files once you’ve navigated away from Brackets. It works similarly to how WebStorm saves it’s files.


You’d think this wasn’t a big deal, at least that’s what I thought. But it does a great job! Give it a try. You’ll be surprised how useful this plugin is — Beautify

Brackets Git

This is the best git integration I have ever used. And I’ve used Git in WebStorm, Sublime Text and Visual Studio. So that’s saying a lot. It’s functional and aesthetically pleasing, there isn’t much else to ask for. – Brackets Git

Brackets Icons

You’d be surprised how much a few good icons can spruce up an ole editor. – Brackets Icons

Documents Toolbar

In my opinion this is a missing feature of Brackets.io. This completes the editor. – Documents Toolbar


This summarizes all the TODO comments in the file. It also supports NOTE, FIXME, CHANGES and FUTURE. More can be added if this list is too limiting. – Todo

This extension automatically highlights occurrences of the selected word. Much like Notepad++ and Sublime Text. – Quick Search

Right Click Extended

I found the lack of right-click cut and paste annoying. In Windows, right-click cut and paste is bread and butter of my workflow. Out of the box Brackets is missing the right-click cut and paste functionality. This extension saves the day by adding it. – Right-Click Extended