Chronic Contractor

This developer is always looking for a gig. There is always something better. Chronic Contractors are expensive. Mileage per dollar varies. They have battled many and because of this they see problems. Something about every gig frustrates them. Chronic Contractor tend to work in cutting edge technologies and loathe older “inferior” technologies. They have no… Continue reading Chronic Contractor

Insecurinator Developer

This developer refuses to find a better job. They have had only one job, and they will not leave it — It’s the only breast they have fed from. They are treated poorly, paid next to nothing yet they refuse to look for greener pastures. They have an unlimited supply of excuses; they may even… Continue reading Insecurinator Developer

Mini-Me Developer

This developer follows the King of the Hill Developer like fly’s to shit. This person is the voice of the King of the Hill Developer in their absence. They developer similar mannerisms and will spout similar phrases used by the King of the Hill Developer. They will some day grow up to be a King… Continue reading Mini-Me Developer

King of the Hill Developer

Typically this developer has been in few organizations. They tend to be the smart frog in the small pond. When another smarter developer joins them, they try to subjugate them. Tactics include withholding information, passive put downs and excessive explaining. King of the Hill Developers have all the answers, similar to the Go To developer,… Continue reading King of the Hill Developer