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Career Change - A Conversation with Dave Winters

Benefits and problem

  • Sales pitch., psychological.

Code world

  • know Business and know technology and communicate it.

Phase zero

  • Find my core competencies. This is the hard part. And then Sell this.

Strategic advisor

  • Be a strategic advisor, not a code monkey.

Code Monkey

  • Don’t be a code monkey

Code Monkey

Microsoft is pivoting their business from, desktop software, to a cloud service provider. The questions I have is where does this leave the developer who has made a career using their technologies?

Learn about the Mckinsey model, specifically look at the H3 initiatives

Keys to be valuable. (Time to value) Get value out of data as fast as possible.

Do you want to be the architect, who puts the vision together or the plumber, the electrician or the carpenter?

Characterizing data, self servicing data. Vanguard data architect. Understand the business problem. Actionable business value. Help a business executive get business insights from the data.

Do I move forward as an entrepreneur or do I move in the direction of an architect/manager?