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Do's and Don'ts of Error Handling - Joe Armstrong

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Systems will fail. You can’t have a resilient single system. Even if internally, the system is rock solid, it can’t contend with all outside variables and will at some point succumb to outside forces.

The basis of object-oriented programming is message passing. If you have two systems that work together, they must pass message between each other. There must be a mechanism to share data. In some systems this is a Database, a Queue, or an API.

  • Some small things can be proven to be self-consistent
  • Large assemblies of small things are impossible of prove correct.
  • Scalability is impossible on one computer
  • Security is very difficult with one computer.

Arithmetic Errors

  • silent and deadly errors – errors where the program doesn’t crash but delivers incorrect results
  • noisy errors
  • errors that cause the program to crash

Silent Programming Errors

  • Why is it silent, because the programmer doesn’t know there is an error.

Rump’s Royal Pain

Rump’s Royal Pain

public void RumpTest()
    int x = 77617;
    int y = 33096;

    var value = 333.75 * Math.Pow(y, 6) + Math.Pow(x, 2)*(11 * Math.Pow(x, 2) * Math.Pow(y, 2) - Math.Pow(y, 6) - 121 * Math.Pow(y, 4) - 2) + 5.5 * Math.Pow(y, 8) + x / (2 * y);