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The Fifth Discipline - Peter Senge

To simplify the world, we break up ideas and tasks into smaller pieces, but then we fall into the trap that the smaller pieces are a reality, but they are small windows into the world and interact outside the boundaries of our perception.

A learning organization is a group of people who are continually enhancing their capacity to create what they want to create.

It’s important that organizations pick up the ability to learn to together on a reliable, regular and predictable schedule.

Traditional, authoritarian, hierarchical business organizations fail to tap the abilities of people. For years and years, we’ve acted as the workers have checked their brains at the door and we just wanted them to do “their work, not to think.”

The notion that people are interchangeable units is going to change. Knowledge and learning are always embodied in a person. This makes the person the organization’s most important asset.

Ultimately, it’s a change in ourselves; that will drive the change in our organization.

Systemic structures are the underlining patterns of inner dependencies.