Going Faster Tip #3

In Windows, type the first part of the previous command and then hit F8. The shell will perform a backward search through previous commands that match the first part of what you’ve just typed.

Going Faster Tip #2

Concentrate on the essence, not the ceremony. The more time you spend on the tool is less time you can devote to the problem.

Going Faster Tip #1

Use the same keyboard and mouse at work as you do at home. Most organizations will buy you a mouse and keyboard of your liking if asked. If not bring your own into to work.

Code Refactor

On a recent project, I was tasked with refactoring large parts of a web system. It’s written in C#. Over time some of the code-behind files had grown to 4000 lines. The goal was to get this number down to a more maintainable level. Over the next few posts, I’ve taken snippets of code that… Continue reading Code Refactor