Hello, I’m Chuck.

My Mission

To build inspiring software.

A Brief Autobiography

My first computer was an Atari 1040 ST, my parents realized computers were the future.

I found BBS’s and frequently played Barran Realms Elite. The Roaring Lion was my first MBBS — chatting over 2400 baud was novel. 

In college, I discovered my passion for programming and web development. It started by creating a personal website, and soon I was creating websites for friends and local organizations.

My passion for software engineering and software architecture has bloomed into a 25-year career that still continues today. 


Chuck has created software for 25 years. He’s consulted for many companies including Ernst & Young, Microsoft, Intel, Health.Net, and Rakuten. Chuck focuses on .Net 5+, AngularReact, Microsoft Azure, Software Architecture, Agile (SCRUM, Lean), and Performance. He believes in continuous improvement, automation, and continuous deployment.

Chuck lives in Folsom, California with his lovely wife Erin and their tabby, Mango.